New Haven Children’s Ideal Learning District

NH ChILD proposes to revolutionize the early care and education landscape in New Haven, Connecticut by bringing the community together around a common vision of Ideal Learning. Our goal is to provide quality early care and education experiences for all children ages zero to eight.

To achieve Ideal Learning for all children in New Haven, NH ChILD will focus in two key pathways: access and quality.

what is
ideal learning?

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Birth through age eight is a critical time of development for all children and forms the foundation for later success.


Without access to quality early care and education, New Haven’s youngest children are at risk—academically and socially.


Working together, we can create a district where all children have access to high-quality early childhood programs.


New Haven is well poised to serve as a national model for the Ideal Learning pilot, given its size, diversity, capacity and commitment to early childhood.

We’re working to reshape the narrative for New Haven’s youngest children from obstacles to opportunities

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